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Colt Louvre Systems: Functional aesthetic louvre ventilation with high performance rain defence and screening options.


Louvre ASB Cube

Colt louvre systems are popular with designers for many applications in industrial and commercial buildings. Colt louvres are performance tested and classified in accordance with New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4740:2000 and International standards to provide maximum aerodynamics and rain defence. Their purpose can be to control light entry, to provide ventilation whilst maintaining rain defence, to provide screening, or a combination of these. Aluminium ventilation louvres can also be provided simply for aesthetic impact.

Colt louvre systems are highly adaptable. They are available in various configurations, materials, finishes and coatings to meet the requirements of almost any project. Colt louvres utilize a hidden mullion and clip system which allows for thermal expansion and prevents deformation. 

Colt louvres can be uniquely configured to provide the solution to your needs.  For generic features and benefits of Colt louvre systems, click here. With Colt louvre systems, the possibilities are endless.

For all products, a large selection of optional accessories is available, such as mitred corners, special shapes or louvre doors.  If noise reduction is required, acoustic louvre panels may be used.


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Understanding louvreUnderstanding Louvre


Find out what are the considerations when designing a louvre system.


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Louvre Selection ProgrammeColt UL Louvre Selection Program


Make your own selection of Colt louvre system…


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Colt Products and Systems Louvre Specification


We'v just made specifying louvre even easier!

You can now download your own Microsoft Word louvre specification template.  Then all you have to do is fill in the boxes with the answers generated from the 'UL Select' spreadsheet, and insert it into your specification.

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Louvre video

View a video showing the rain defence characteristics of the Universal Louvre range under EN 13030 test conditions on the Colt test rig. 


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