Climate Control

Climate controlPeople feel better in Colt Conditions

Colt offers a range of products and services across a wide spectrum of specialities.  This puts us in the unique position of offering architects and designers an integrated approach to help them build fire safety and energy efficiency into their design while creating the ideal internal climate and making a strong architectural statement.


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Smoke Control

Smoke controlPeople are safe in Colt Conditions

Colt smoke control systems ensure that if there is fire, smoke is contained and removed, allowing safe evacuation and fire-fighting, and minimising damage. Colt pioneered the science of smoke control and has funded much of the public research for over 50 years.


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Louvre Systems

Louvre systemsPerformance tested in accordance with the New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4740:2000.

Colt’s performance louvre, provide an excellent combination of architectural, aerodynamic and rain defence properties. Colt Products and Systems louvre systems are utilized to control light entry, to provide natural ventilation whilst maintaining rain defence, to provide screening, or a combination of these.

Louvres can also be provided simply for aesthetic impact.

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Shading Systems  

Solar shadingMaking a Statement: Solar Shading

Colt’s innovative technical solutions and expertise can turn an Architects vision into reality. Colt solar shading systems can be used to great effect to create a strong visual impact.

Colt experts are able to work with the architect providing calculations and modelling to ensure the proposed solution offers the best performance while making a strong architectural statement.

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